Friday, September 2, 2011

IBM COGNOS Java script for auto refresh of a report in a COGNOS viewer / bringing the concept of live feed to COGNOS report studio.

I came across this script in the IBM COGNOS documents that lets you automatically refresh the report data depending on the time interval that we have selected.  This script would especially be useful for someone who works on transactional data or someone is trying to work on alerts on a report. (Alerts on a report can be achieved through Metric Studio but this script here helps us achieve the same in a report studio.)
Let me put in a story line so that we have a concept that we can sellJ.  A good example for this would be to calculate the check-in and check-out times. Here our goal is to minimize the avg wait time the guest has to wait. So we can build a report with guess no check-in, check-in time, checkout-time, time taken to process, expected process and delta (difference between check-in and check-out).  Just like the RMV or customer care call where they tell us the avg time.
The screen shot above explains a different scenario where we are counting no of guests attended by each employee. A team lead or a manager has a target for the day (for each team member) and he can keep track of their work with this live feeder report; no need to run the report every now and then. We can set the auto refresh time (which is 2 minutes in this case) and project the report on a TV in the roomJ. Taking things positively, the manager can help out the employee who might be stuck with one guest for a long time.
Implementing the report; copy the java script image ‘Script for COGNOS Report Studio Auto Refresh ‘ and add it to the report studio in a HTML tag from the toolbox.(I am not able to upload the script file will do it ASAP)  Now create your regular report.
 TIP --- Add footer to the report with timestamp; this way it will let the user know when the report was last run.

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